The K-Platz Hotel is located next to the K-Platz Center. There are more than 10 restaurants just an elevator away and for all tastes: from tavern food to ethnic ones, such as Mexican, Japanese and Thai.


K-Platz Hotel offers breakfast included in the rate for all guests. It is possible to buy breakfast at the hotel without staying there, too.
Café da manhã
Emporium Bocaiúva


Emporium Bocaiúva has been a reference in Florianópolis since its opening in 1992 on Rua Bocaiúva. In its first branch at the K-Platz Markt, customers have a wide variety of products such as: chocolates, pasta, fine oils, distilled beverages, wines, sparkling wines and other products that please different palates.


It has a wide variety ranging from classic risottos to the most elaborate ones with seafood, vegetables or lamb. In addition to risottos, the menu has several types of pasta and salads.
Risotteria Suprema
Cervejaria Unika


Originating in Rancho Queimado, Cervejaria Unika offers its own beers and draft beer, including the second best beer in Brazil according to the Brazilian Beer Contest: Catharina Sour de Caju e Pitanga. Cervejaria Unika has a relaxed atmosphere ideal for meetings and happy hour with friends and family.


Bar food in a relaxed and family atmosphere, the restaurant has a menu that ranges from executive dishes to delicacies such as codfish cake and Hackepeter, one of the house specialties.
Chefia's Boteko
Le Petit Macarons


With a colorful showcase full of flavors, Le Petit Macarons brings a unique experience. There are more than 30 varieties of classic French sweets, ranging from traditional flavors to the most unusual ones. Delicacy, flavor and softness are some of the characteristics of the famous macarons, one of the most appreciated sweets in the world that can also be enjoyed with a freshly brewed coffee.

DON 48

Barbecue, special meats, burgers, vegetables, cheeses and many flavors. Don 48 Meat House works in an artisan way with special cuts of meat to provide an unparalleled flavor.

Don 48
Di Panna


Gelato Di Panna offers a variety of artisanal ice cream options with traditional and also vegan flavors. In the preparation of gelato, organic fruits and fresh cow’s milk directly from small producers in the state, in addition, the ice cream cones are also handmade.


The best Mexican in San José, with its intense colors and flavors! The menu at Guacamole Taquería offers delicacies such as: tacos, burritos, nachos and the famous Mexican sauces, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo and different combos in individual dishes or to share.
Guacamole Taqueria


For 30 years, Boccone has been dedicated to producing food with less industrialized ingredients. It has a variety of products designed for a healthier choice.


Long fermentation dough, warm oven, handpicked ingredients and a variety of flavors. In a contemporary setting for families and friends. The space also has a kids area with monitors.
Forneria Catarina


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