At K-Platz Hotel, we have a Meeting Room for up to 8 people, an auditorium for up to 133 people, and Event Rooms. Check out all the options for your event!


Next to the K-Platz Hotel you can also book the Walter Osli Koerich Auditorium. It is a space for up to 133 people in an auditorium, ideal for lectures, seminars and sales conventions. The most modern event structure in São José, just 20km from Florianópolis Hercílio Luz International Airport and 7km from the capital of Santa Catarina.
K-Platz Auditório
Dispomos de salas de eventos e auditório


The Oleiro Room offers space for up to 100 people in an auditorium setting, with an area of 101.70m².

To learn more and make a reservation, contact us at or by phone at (48) 3771-1500.


The Artisan Room accommodates up to 60 people in an auditorium layout and 36 people in a classroom format, with an area of 62.90m².

Host your event just 20km away from the Hercílio Luz International Airport in Florianópolis and 7km from the capital of Santa Catarina.

Sala de Reuniões K-Platz Hotel


The K-Platz Hotel Meeting Room offers a welcoming environment with all the conveniences you and your company need for managerial meetings, with customers or suppliers. The space accommodates up to 8 people at a single table. To find out more and make a reservation, contact us by email or by phone (48) 3771-1500.


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