K-Platz Hotel is dog friendly. Dog owners can stay with their dog, subject to certain conditions. See them below.

What is permitted


K-Platz Hotel Amenities

K-Platz Hotel is located in K-Platz Center. There are 10 restaurants, an events venue, 24-hour valet parking, stores and services for guests. The hotel is less than 7 km from the center of Florianópolis, in the neighborhood of Campinas, in São José, in the state of Santa Catarina.

How to make a booking for your dog

To request the service, you can contact reception at K-Plats Hotel via telephone +55 48 3771-1500, or by e-mail at reservaskplatz@atriohoteis.com.br. 

Bookings must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Confirmation subject to availability of the selected suite.

Guest Reviews

Great hotel

The hotel was inaugurated in July, so it’s brand new. It’s comfortable, the TV connects to Netflix, fast Internet connection. The breakfast is the best part, with loads of options and they serve hot churros and cheese buns right at your table!!

Furthermore, the service was excellent.

I will most definitely be back!

Rafael Gabriolli on TripAdvisor

A hotel with excellent service and modern and comfortable accommodation. Breakfast is delicious and offers gluten-free options. The croissant is fresh out the oven, with a variety of fruits, cakes and breads… I recommend choosing K-Platz as a hotel, besides what’s on offer in the patio, there are 12 gastronomical options for all tastes! We chose Chefia’s Boteko, which provides guests with lunch and dinner.

Júlia Berenhauser Bornhausen on Google

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